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Farmer @ Fifty- 6

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A Bit About Me

My little world consists of a small piece of land, a passion for gardening, canning, soap making, rabbit and chicken tending, family loving, and one very patient and tolerant husband. When I’m not at my hobby farm, I’m working at Trevecca Urban Farm where we have goats, pigs, chickens, bees, tilapia (in our aquaponics system), and lots of gardens. Our goal is to share with others how they can grow their own food. I'd like to share bits and pieces of my little world with you through pictures and blogs in the hopes that we might take this journey together by learning from one another and inspiring each other to do what makes our hearts sing.  You won't find an expert here on any subject - just an invitation to explore the joys (and struggles) of farm life as I experience them.


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Products and services for
heart, home, and healing