Spring Reflections


So here’s how today went…I grab a yogurt for breakfast, then call FedEx – AGAIN to check on my pending greenhouse delivery. Tree House Builder shows up and the mechanic needs my truck keys to give her a tune up. I check in on the chicks I’ve just moved to the outside coop, giving them fresh water and food before I start making a batch of soap – a special request from a customer.

Chicks are now 7 weeks old

Chicks are now 7 weeks old

Post soap making, I get a recorded message on my phone that four packages of bees are ready for pick up tomorrow. I look at my list that tells me what I’m not going to get done today and head for my beekeeping supplies to get hives set up and sugar water made for the arriving bees.

Installation of bees 2018 (3).JPG

Light and heat mats are bringing my seeds out of the soil which reminds me that I’ve got to get the carrots, beets, and peas planted outdoors - which should have already been done.

cabbage seedlings.JPG

As I place my hives on the stand, I see weeds popping up through the gravel and stop to pull a few. Better to get this done before my new residents arrive. Blueberry bushes are planted on both sides of my beehives and I discover only seven of the dozen I planted last year still remain due to snacking rabbits! My three foot fencing still sits in tight rolls in my garage along with the clothes I purchased at the local thrift store for the scarecrow I plan to create for my vegetable garden. The truckload of soil is sitting on the driveway waiting to be shoveled into the five new raised beds I just put together.

garden soil on driveway.JPG

At least the cabbage, spinach, lettuce and onions are already planted and thriving. Weeding the strawberry patch was one of last week’s jobs, but I haven’t put down the weed barrier yet. Mail arrives and the two fruit trees I ordered now sit awaiting their planting. Spring is such a beautiful, alive time of the year, but suddenly the entire homestead needs my attention. The urgency to weed and plant and welcome new chicks and bees before the heat of summer can cause me to miss the beauty I’ve worked so hard to place here on the land.


My inclination is to work harder and faster, but my heart tells me that’s the wrong solution. So instead, I decide to cut an armload of Forsythia and bring Spring into my kitchen.


. I move to the porch swing and watch the bumblebees move from flower to flower and I enjoy the coming and going of the wrens who’ve built a nest in my porch eaves. I should remove them, but they come to this nest year after year and I enjoy their company. I need these moments of do-nothing because when I do, my heart sings…and the weeds can wait.

bumblebee on flowers.JPG
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